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Welcome to The Wilderness Echo!

This is a place for ideas, updates on our adventures, stories of interest and more. We want to talk about the universal truths of teamwork. We want to share our adventures while they are happening.

Since the beginning of time, people have had to find ways to work together to survive and to achieve dramatic results. 

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Building young leaders of the future

Building trust through empathy to connect, develop and shape the young leaders of the future

The beverage industry is...

2 min read

What can we learn from explorers as we navigate today’s world?

Like most people, I am shocked by the speed and impact of the global pandemic. Balancing human health and economic...

1 min read

One Singular Message

Financial Software with a Singular Message.

Andrew Walsh never imagined that having co-founded a software business...

2 min read

Pairing Business with African wildlife?

A mobile tech company leading the way with their holistic approach to personal leadership.

Red Leaf started to work...

1 min read

Scale & Communicate Your Message On A Roadshow

A clear and consistent message delivers clear and consistent results.

For the past two-years, Red Leaf has partnered...

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A Client-first Mindset is Vital

Learning programs that focus on personal effectiveness and a client-first mindset are vital for ongoing, sustained...

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New Book!

Changing A Leopard's Spots - The Adventures of Two Wildlife Trackers 

World-renowned wildlife trackers Alex van den...

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Into the Okavango Screening

Last night we had the pleasure of seeing Into the Okavango, centred around a team of explorers on their first...