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Virtual Adventures

Where do you want to go? 


Are you searching for new ways to stay connected in a changing world?

Virtual Adventures blend aspirational activities, world-class experiential learning and lessons from nature into a single experience. They are designed for teams that want a rich and highly interactive experience that is safe, cost-effective and powerful.

Bring your people together.

Participate in an incredible shared experience.

Get your people performing at a higher level.

Reach for the Summit

How do you keep your people energised when circumstances outside of your control can affect the results?

The strength and commitment of your team will be put to the test as you trek in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Be challenged by the real-life scenarios we faced while climbing in and around the Mt Cook region in New Zealand. We went on six expeditions for this great content, you can't miss it!

Do you want to understand the importance of:

  • Strengthening teamwork & leadership?
  • The behaviours required to lead through change?
  • Gaining clarity on decision-making processes?

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Reach Website


Tracking Success

How do you ensure that you are getting the best return on effort?

We teamed up with Alex van den Heever and Renias Mhlongo to film the process of wildlife tracking in real-time in the bushveld. Set and filmed in the Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa. Tracking and trailing lions, leopards and rhinos on foot in this environment are demanding. It draws on a complementary mix of skills, such as focus, discipline, creativity, staying open to opportunity and constant learning.

Do you want to understand the importance of:

  • Clearly identifying your opportunity?
  • Deeply understanding the market in which you are operating? 
  • Speed, efficiency and creativity in achieving your goals?

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Explore the Okavango

How do you align individuals, teams and organisations?

Be immersed in a guided film exploration of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, one of the largest aquatic wildernesses in the world. Viewed from water level aboard a kayak, your simulated journey explores the kilometres of river branches as thousands of Africa’s animals seek food and shelter from the dry Kalahari Desert.

Do you want to understand the importance of:

  • Agreeing on a common set of guiding principles?
  • Getting the most out of people with different levels of technical skill?
  • Recognising pivotal moments?

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Sea of Change

The adventure follows the ups and downs of Australian professional big wave surfer Mark Mathews. Building a career in big wave surfing involves delivering a return on investment for sponsors. To do this consistently you need to lead a team of specialists that come together to make the most of a specific surfing opportunity. Creative ideas rule in this one!

Do you want to demonstrate the importance of:

  • Reflecting on client needs and finding ways to differentiate?
  • Maximising the effectiveness of virtual teams and achieving greater role clarity?
  • Preparing to execute when the next opportunity arises?

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We Also Offer

The Nature of Success

Keynote presentation

In his presentation, The Nature of Success, Ian explores how business teams can learn from the behaviours and characteristics of four iconic African animals to create sustained success in difficult environments. Africa contains some of the most complex and competitive ecosystems on the planet. The animals that live within this ecosystem are subject to rapid change and intense competition. Ian identified the competitive advantage that each species has developed which allows them to thrive in even the most hostile conditions:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Adaptation
  • Leadership

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Ian Schubach

Notorious Vasaloppet

Keynote Presentation

Josh's story as the “first person to ever enter a ski race without ever skiing”. This was followed by a downhill unicycle race and has recently hand cycled through tsunami-ravaged Japan for charity.

Josh’s story will inspire your teams toward a growth mindset and give them the confidence to tackle any challenge.

“If your life story was a book, is that a book you would read?” - Josh Stinton

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Josh Stinton

Power of Relationships

keynote presentation

With humour, sensitivity and humility Alex and Renias demolish the walls that isolate each one of us. They tell the true story of their own path to abundance; it’s a tale of extremes, white and black, man and boy, apartheid and unity, emerging world and developed world.

Alex and Renias use their 22-year story to inspire the audience and open their minds to their potential as individuals and as a country.

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Alex and Renias

Life beyond fear

Keynote presentation

As a highly sought after international speaker Mark Mathews’ surfer chill vibe and magnetic charisma, has graced the stages of leading companies world wide. From Google, Sony, Intel to MasterCard, he instantly captures audiences with his epic tales and spectacular surf footage.

Through his career as a professional ‘Big Wave’ surfer and Red Bull Athlete, he has become obsessed with the relationship between personal growth, high performance and fulfilment.

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Life beyond fear
We engaged Red Leaf to reinvigorate our teams as the industry had been through a lot of consolidation in recent times, and in an ever-changing environment we wanted to build on our competitive advantage and foster a strong team spirit. We really wanted to invest in our number one asset – our people.
Kevin Clarke
Managing Director Aus & NZ
Red Leaf's combination of engaging and emotive content combined with the tools to secure a long-term leadership and team framework, has really united our vision. We were given consistent follow up to bring us a collection of operations, to fulfil our focus of one company with one message.
Andrew Walsh