Are you are looking for inspiration or motivation that is directly related to your business challenges, behavioural change or simply to raise awareness around a specific topic?

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Red Leaf Graphic Facilitators capture and structure ideas and information, creating dynamic visual illustrations. Their narratives engage your audience and helps improve retention and recall of key messages post event.

We believe in more than “just words”, getting important messages out to your audience needs a creative, authentic approach to effect real change.


We use Graphic Facilitation to capture ideas and discussions during large scale interactive documentaries. We also offer graphic facilitation for workshop settings which uses an approach that enables conversations that align individuals, plans and strategies and provides a forum for co- creation and design thinking.

The illustrations, models and maps created during the workshop are photographed and reproduced digitally for all the participants. They form a memorable record of events, capturing key points and providing a compelling memory aid and conversation starter for subsequent activity.


The images can be made into slides and printed at scale so that people can use them to share the stories with colleagues, partners & clients.


  • Creating momentum within your team(s) and delivering clear actions against strategy

  • Fresh perspectives, constructive conversations & creative ideas

  • Clarity around opportunities, problems, objectives & plans

  • Alignment of current challenges, strategic outcomes, benefits and plans

  • Improve retention and recall of key messages post Red Leaf team building activities or leadership training and development events.


  • Understand context, align and engage around strategy

  • Explore an idea or a challenge, to understand what is possible, devise action plans and execute efficiently

  • Create and communicate a strategic vision and outcomes or a case for change

  • Partners who want to explore mutual value creation

  • Have a strategic dialog around business challenges and develop a clear course of action to tackle them