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We deliver experiences that help people work better together

Virtual Adventures blend aspirational activities, world-class experiential learning and lessons from nature into a single experience. They are designed for teams that want a rich and highly interactive experience that is safe, cost-effective and powerful.
Red Leaf lead expeditions in extreme environments around the world. We film everything and take real-life action from these expeditions to create fun and relevant virtual experiences.

How do Virtual Adventures work? 

Choose Your Own Adventure

We have virtual adventures that take you mountain climbing, kayaking for hundreds of kilometres in pristine waterways and tracking African animals... on foot. 

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Set the scene

Log on to an online platform and be transported into a new environment through the use of interactive videos & storytelling.

Imagine you are us on an expedition.


The Adventure Begins

We play a video clip that presents a choice.

You decide which path to follow.

We then play the outcome of your decision which leads to another choice... and so on.


Connect to business

Looking for better team connections? Want to build resilience in your team and align behind a common goal or purpose? 

We approach these types of questions, head-on.

Along the way, expert facilitators connect the adventure to your business challenge. Our experiences deliver real insights to improve your organisational effectiveness. 


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Explore our adventure themes.

Browse our adventure themes




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