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We have some captivating adventurers in our team who explore extreme environments and film absolutely everything - the good, the bad and the ugly. We edit the footage to create interactive documentaries that allow business teams to choose their own adventure!

Our interactive documentaries transport participants into worlds that are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. From the summit of Mt Cook to the bushveld of the African Kruger National Park to the depths of the famous diving caves of South Australia. The extreme nature of these environments neutralises traditional subject matter and opens the mind to learning.


Our facilitators use these interactive documentaries to frame business-focused conversations that rapidly align individuals and teams. They are great team building activities.



South Africa



We teamed up with Alex van den Heever, Renias Mhlongo and Grant Ashfield to film the process of wildlife tracking in real time in the bushveld. Set and filmed in the Greater Kruger National Park, a wild and completely natural ecosystem in South Africa, the mission is to follow and find some of Africa's most iconic animals. Tracking lions, leopards and rhinos in this environment is demanding. It draws on a complementary mix of skills, such as focus, discipline, creativity, staying open to opportunity and constant learning. Fostering and mentoring a strong and confident next generation of trackers is also key. 


Areas of focus: 

  • Skills mastery 

  • Customer centricity 

  • Making the most of your opportunity




Mount Cook, New Zealand



The strength and commitment of your team will be put to the test as you trek across New Zealand’s Southern Alps towards the numerous peaks. You and your team will work hard as you face the realities of an unpredictable journey.

During this experience, business teams are challenged with real-life scenarios that our adventurers have filmed while climbing in and around Mt Cook in New Zealand. These scenarios, combined with spectacular footage, personal stories and expert facilitation, provide powerful and practical learning experiences. Teams get to engage and chose their own inspiring adventure.

Areas of focus: 

  • Setting up your team to achieve your definition of success

  • Matching values to behaviours

  • Strengthen team-work and communication




Be immersed in a guided film exploration of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, one of the largest aquatic wildernesses in the world. Viewed from water level aboard a kayak, your simulated journey explores the kilometres of river branches as thousands of Africa’s animals seek food and shelter from the dry Kalahari Desert.

In this temperamental environment your team leadership skills are put to the test through the pressure of unpredictable surroundings, while you explore the importance of effective journey planning, interconnection and diversity.

Areas of focus: 

  • Managing cyclical and unpredictable change

  • Lessons in project pivoting

  • Aligning your team


Okavango Delta, Botswana



East Coast, Australia


The surfing interactive documentary is based on the real life professional career of Australian pro surfer Mark Mathews. The audience follows Mark and his support team in their search for the worlds biggest waves and competitive surfing success. Each team will be faced with challenging scenarios from the ocean, including long flat spells, dangerous conditions, and logistics problems. In addition to time pressure there will be a budget to manage, competing individual priorities and the requirement to deliver 
 Return on Investment to sponsors.

Areas of focus: 

  • Provide ROI for customers and stakeholders with conflicting priorities

  • Differentiate in a crowded and constantly changing market

  • How to build and maintain successful virtual teams



Welcome to the extremely challenging world of underwater cave diving.  An adventurous pursuit that inspires a select few to push the boundaries around what is possible. To survive in this world you need to have a well thought out plan and a specialist set of technical skills, faith in your equipment, your colleagues and your self and the courage to completely commit to a course of action.



Mount Gambier, South Australia