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Why do we partner?

Businesses are better together, that's why! We like to think we are good at a few things but not everything. We are always searching for kindred spirits and businesses with similar sensibilities to ours to enhance the experiences and outcomes for our clients. 
In the wilderness, having different individuals with different skillsets is vital to success on a complex mission - this is true whether you are summiting a peak, tracking animals on foot or exploring vast ecosystems.
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Our Partnerships

Working together to help businesses....

red emu

Red Emu Advisory

Liberate your true potential

Our purpose is to “liberate organisational potential through healthy leadership”. Helping leaders create aligned and effective leadership teams is at the core of our offering. We are your transformation partner. At Red Emu, we understand that everyone comes to work to do great work and “be the best they can be”. We are there to be part of that journey and help in any way we can. Based in Perth, AU.



We bring people together.

We get it, trusting someone with your event is nerve-racking. That's why collaboration is critical. It's the most important ingredient for creating professional fireworks. But we're not your ordinary event company. Based in Queenstown, NZ.

surplus network asia

Surplus Network Asia

Our mission is to help people and organisations harness the power of plenty today to prepare for tomorrow.

We want to help people in organisations, in Asia and everywhere, to fulfill their potential for the benefit of themselves and others, positively impacting the organisations they are in and more. We do this through our platform of licensed premium quality learning solutions partnered with our network of experts. Based in Singapore.

alex and renias

Guided Training Solutions

Breaking Through Barriers

The transforming nature of friendship and diversity is beyond dispute. Everyone has their own personal experiences and has enjoyed the rewards of committed intercultural friendships. In the corporate environment, a veritable melting pot of different cultural diversity, individuals are required not to just work together but to achieve a harmony that ensures the client experience and ultimately the success of the company. Based in Pietermaritzburg, RSA.

leadership works

Leadership Works

We equip leaders to build healthy organisations.

LeadershipWorks has special expertise and tools in the area of organisational health, leadership, teamwork and culture. Do you want to, build a cohesive and unified Executive Team, unleash the power of teamwork or eliminate dysfunction, politics and confusion? Achieving these results is possible. It takes leadership and the desire to build a healthy organisation. Based in Johannesburg, RSA.


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