Are you are looking for inspiration or motivation that is directly related to your business challenges, behavioural change or simply to raise awareness around a specific topic?

We can help you.

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Red Leaf have the capacity and expertise to build multifaceted, integrated programmes that align organisations and connect culture to strategy to deliver outstanding results.

The Red Leaf team have expertise in designing and delivering programmes guiding teams and organisations through challenges. Our unique facilitation methodology guides people through a process of discovery through teamwork and collaboration. We also have a network of Graphic Facilitators who capture and structure ideas and information, creating dynamic visual illustrations. These narratives engage the audience and help improve retention and recall of key messages post event.


If you have an existing single day workshop, two-day sales kick-off or a multi-year leadership development program, we can complement it using the power of an adventure metaphor.


​This is where we bring our African Animal Tracking interactive documentary to life. We take you and your team on a once in a lifetime trip to the Kruger National Park in South Africa, staying on-site in the luxurious Phinda Forest Lodge resort. Here you’ll learn how to track the most iconic animals from the world’s best trackers. Being fully immersed in this environment, opens all the senses and provides the perfect environment for self-reflection, insight and personal growth. Based on our experience this learning is then quite naturally applied back to both the workplace and home life.