Our blended leadership module is one of our most successful products. It uses a blend of pre-recorded/virtual experiences with in-house, local delivery teams. The key components & considerations to this are:


1) Ian Schubach’s The Nature of Success keynote presentation. Ian takes his experience in observing animal behaviours as a former Safari Guide in Africa, to concepts of high performance, competitive advantage & leadership. This is classic storytelling.


2) This keynote is either pre-recorded in our studios and played on the day OR can be live streamed through video conference technology.


3) An in depth dive into the application of those concepts happens immediately after the presentation. This process is managed by in-house, local facilitators that work of a comprehensive facilitators guide - having completed a train the trainer session with us.


The following is a sample module, based on a programme we delivered.

The Nature of Success




We are able to assist in overcoming many of the challenges that are unique to virtual teams. 


We would love to discuss how we can help build a solution that is right for you. We offer a range of options from one-off events to full-scale technology-enabled programmes.


Perfect for:

  • Starting a new virtual team entirely

  • Inserting fun and laughter into a virtual meeting

  • Getting everyone thinking creatively

  • Virtual brainstorming session

  • Virtual leadership development programs


We believe members of virtual teams need to be proactive in building personal connections. Making an effort to really get to know each other, will definitely bring tangible results.


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