Are you are looking for inspiration or motivation that is directly related to your business challenges, behavioural change or simply to raise awareness around a specific topic?

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Unique business adventure workshops

We use adventure as a filter to think about team dynamics and leadership. This unique perspective generates intriguing discussions and valuable insights that can be applied immediately in day-to-day work.

Our team building and leadership development programs inspire individuals and teams focus on helping people work better together for competitive advantage.

Kevin Clarke,

Managing Director Aus & NZ

"We engaged Red Leaf to reinvigorate our teams as the industry had been through a lot of consolidation in recent times, and in an ever-changing environment we wanted to build on our competitive advantage and foster a strong team spirit. We really wanted to invest in our number one asset – our people."

Andrew Walsh,


"Red Leaf's combination of engaging and emotive content combined with the tools to secure a long-term leadership and team framework, has really united our vision. We were given consistent follow up to bring us a collection of operations, to fulfil our focus of one company with one message."

Team Engagement

We would recommend our mountaineering interactive documentary.


To build resilience in your team, we'd recommend a workshop or a keynote or both!

Culture Change

We have collaboratively developed long-term programmes for change with many of our clients.


Workshop where the leadership team agree on a set of business objectives and create a plan to engage the rest of the organisation and execute them.

Sales Enablement

Our tracking interactive documentary gives your sales team an opportunity for a shared experience with your client.

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